La Brújula — “the compass” in Spanish — produces sustainable, high-quality preserved seafood. Their products begin with the best squid, sardines, mussels, razor clams and other seafood from the Galician and Cantabrian coast that’s hand-packed by a team of local women. The results are “time capsules in a tin” — and a chance to enjoy the rich, complex flavors of the Spanish seaside.

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Mussels in Escabeche, La Brujula Conservas
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Razor Shells,  La Brujula conservas Tinned Fish, preserved fish, Clams, razor clams, Spanish tinned fish
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Scallops in Sauce
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Seafood: Galician Scallops in Sauce Origin: Galicia, Spain

Squids in INK
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Arroyabe  Ventresca Bonito Tuna Belly (toro)  3.9 oz.  fatty, small fish, tinned fish, healthy,
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This prized Spanish Ventresca or "tuna belly" is the fattiest and tastiest part of the bonito tuna. Pole-caught and dolphin-safe, this tuna is caught in the cold waters of the Bay of Biscay north of Spain. It is hand-packed with olive oil and salt. Enjoy tossed with pasta, on sandwiches and salads.