August 18 2017

Joe and Joyce:

I received the 12-pack. Until tonight, I hadn’t eaten canned tuna in at least five years. I’ve eaten a whole food for about four years now. I try to eat no or minimally processed food. (My rule of thumb is no more than three ingredients, if that.) My nutritionist steered me away from any sort of canned tuna. She just discovered your tuna and told me about it. As soon as I found out, I contacted you, made my order, and the rest is history.

The first can of tuna (with just two ingredients — tuna and salt) was awesome! I had it with a salad of fresh vegetables, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It tasted amazing — meaty, fresh, and not too fishy. More importantly, I’m buying the tuna directly from the fishery; and you care about how you raise your fish.

Thank you for all that you do. You have earned a customer with the very first can.

Best regards,

Howard Fulfrost

Richard 2016

Dear folks,

I have been buying your products for a couple of years now. Best fish on any coast!

The only reason I do not buy more (than I already do - I buy it by the case) is that I 'horde' it and doll it out in an epicurean delightful amount. Your fish is the 'filet mignon of the sea'. I do attest.

I serve your smoked albacore 'steaks' with a little tartar sauce (Beaver's - since 1929 - with capers and dill - my current favorite) and a little cocktail sauce (Waterfront Hot Cocktail Sauce - my present choice) and a light dusting of 'sea salt'. Naked, pure and unadulterated in all it's glory. It is the best.

Keep up your good work, me hearties. Your product defines the quality of the market!

Safe sailing,


March 2015

Rick in California!! Dear Joe and Joyce, Best canned fish I have ever had in my 62 years on this earth! Best albacore (or any fish) jerky I have also ever had in my life. I am a life long angler myself and have enjoyed fish in many preparations nearly all my life. Until I tasted yours, the best fish jerky I had up to that point was when I lived on the Trinity River in Northern California in the 1970's and I would buy 'fresh' salmon jerky from Native Americans who smoked and then hung the jerky on trees by the river. Yours is better. Your Hawaiian jerky and Teriyaki jerky is the BEST. BTW does your jerky have an expiration date on it? I ask as I want to order more and would like to know if there is a 'best by' date on this product. I am ordering more of your products today. Loved the smoked tuna, jalapeno tuna and dill tuna. Best tuna I have ever had. All Best and God Bless, Rick Like us on facebook tunatuna.com Please email us your testimonial.

internet customer June 2012

"love it, love it, love it! A friend gave me two cans of tuna to try one in oil and one in water. Today I gave him two of the smoked. This is amazing! The difference between the
common store bought canned tuna and this cannot be described you have to try it."

March 2010

"Amazing is all I can say about the Tuna. Wow, it blew us away with the flavor. I can not believe it is in a can. I am bringing a can to Dr. Cohen as he loves health and he is going to love the Tuna. I will also be sharing it with another nutritionalist that we work with.

We will be definitely ordering more. I will also share it with my golf students as it is perfect for healthy eating on the course along with the USAN nutrimeals.

Please send this forward to them that we are very impressed!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!"
— Lorie Mulhern, PGA Golf Professional, USANA Diamond Director, Million Dollar Club Member

"Joyce, thanks for helping me with my order and changing it from 10 cans to a dozen for $1.00 extra...what a deal. You are right I didn't notice the 15% off for buying a dozen, BTW I love your tuna!"
— jack

"I bought some of your lemon-pepper tuna jerky this last Sunday. Oh my gosh! It was so good, I could barely stop myself from eating the entire bag in one sitting. I can't wait to buy more. :)"
— Ballard Farmers Market

January 2009

"We are so pleased to have such a good option for tuna that is tested for heavy metals. We have been eating this tuna for about 5 years and have had no problems with any elevation in metals levels. Prior testing for me showed very elevated levels of mercury, and meant diligent effort to avoid many types of fish. Also, if you have already tasted it, you know this tuna tastes great!"
— Marcie & Mike

2007 Gregg Avedon: Supermodel, actor and writer

"Recently I was fortunate enough to come across a small family owned company that pole-catches tuna aboard their 95-foot fishing vessel called the St. Jude. Once caught, the fish are immediately blast frozen to ensure optimum freshness. Then they hand filet each fish, it’s raw-packed in the can, sealed, then cooked to preserve the natural juices. Believe me when I tell you that this is by far the best tasting canned tuna that I’ve ever had. Aside from its low occurrence of mercury you just cannot compare it to any of the highly manufactured brands – it doesn’t even come close!"

— Gregg Avedon

April 2004

“[Fishing Vessel St. Jude] albacore is so delicious you’ll never buy commercial brands again.”
— Susan Kleiner, author, Power Eating, in Fitness Rx Magazine, The Good Mood Diet

“It’s not just the canned albacore that makes me sing I am so satisfied when I eat it. It’s those better-than-fresh frozen-at-sea steaks and loins that melt in my mouth. You pull them out of the freezer, run water over them and sear in two minutes. A Slow Food feast in Fast Food time!”
— Ellie Winninghoff, former board member, Slow Food Seattle

September 2004

“Six months ago my doctor told me I had high cholesterol. I changed my eating habits. Two things that I think were very helpful were [eating] lots of blueberries and great tuna from Fishing Vessel St. Jude. My doctor was amazed. [My cholesterol} dropped over 100 points and still counting. And my doctor told me I was very healthy again.”
— Mike Skouge, age 66, Shoreline, Washington

September 2004
“Joe’s tuna is as addictive as [a controlled substance.] A week or two goes by, and if I haven’t had it, I just have to go to the Ballard Sunday Farmers’ Market and get some. This is the best tuna I’ve ever had. It’s even better than wild salmon. You know I love that stuff.”
— Tom Graham, Seattle

August 2004

“I never understood the appeal of canned tuna until I tasted the Italian versions (which you can buy at DeLaurenti) and the custom-canned tuna from area fishers, especially the Fishing Vessel St. Jude brand. They’re good enough on their own, without mayonnaise. Tuna sandwiches reach new heights when made with such prime fish. Plus, it’s good to support the effort that those fishers put into maintaining quality.”
— Hsaio-Ching Chou, Food writer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

September 2004

“Your product is just wonderful. I just can’t get enough of it.”
— Thomas Zietak, Seattle, Washington (overheard by enterprising reporter at Ballard Sunday Farmers’ Market

June 2003

“My husband Alan and I enjoyed getting to know you better and the very educational tuna testing yesterday. We remain dedicated addicts of your products.”
— Norma and Alan Rosenthal (former board members, Slow Food Seattle)

August 2002

“I just did the sample inspection of your sashimi grade albacore tuna [for this year] and wanted to tell you that how much I appreciate the high quality your vessel continues to produce. I have dealt with many tuna in my business [during the] last 7 years, and my customers in Japan and I agree that your fish product is one of the highest quality there is. Obviously, based on your guidance, the captain and the crew takes a great care of the fish aboard the vessel. I understand you are selling your products to US customers now, and I wish you the best of success as well. …I hope your US customers will appreciate the difference in quality, and know how lucky to have you as a local supplier. Should you have any need for reference (I suppose all they had to do is taste your fish), please don’t hesitate to have them contact me."
— Eiko Vojkovich, Venture Seafoods Corporation

“I'm writing to let you know that you have absolutely the best Tuna Jerkey. I just finished the Teriyaki version. Thank you for providing a tasty and healthy snack with such great texture. It stands head and shoulder above any other brand. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A grateful customer for life!"
— KK

February 2001

“We have been enjoying your albacore products for the last six months and there is no question that the quality is superior to anything we have purchased since we opened 8 years ago. Not only is your albacore processed to suit the most discriminating of our sushi customers, we received our products extremely well packaged, perfectly refrigerated, and promptly delivered. The quality and integrity of your products and business is a rare commodity these days. We look forward to a long business relationship.”
— George and Kyoko Clark, Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, Eureka, California
Photo by Clare Barboza

Photo by Clare Barboza

Photo by Clare Barboza

Photo by Clare Barboza

Laim on the St. Jude

Maggie at the wheel on the St. Jude

The Malley's and Captain Rick