Mejillones No 27

Mussels in Pickled Sauce

These exceptional Mussels are harvested from the estuaries of Galicia. These morsels are then cooked down in the classic Iberian mixture of olive oil. vinegar, salt, bay leaf and smoky pimenton. Delicate and tart, with a surprisingly buttery texture.  What makes these mussels different from the rest? La Brújula is acclaimed for having specialized employees who shell and clean each mussel by hand, guaranteeing the high quality of each piece and perfection in every detail. The freshness of their raw materials in unique and makes them stand out in the gastronomic market.  They are the perfect ingredient to transform plain spaghettis into a simple, home-made frutti di mare dish in seconds. Once you have cooked the pasta, just add some cream or marinara sauce, the mussels.  The only secret is to add them last. Accompanied by a glass of white wine and some garlic bread, you´ll be facing a restaurant-level meal. 

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